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Knock on some doors in Reno with Marty Bennett and Unite Here Local 2.


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UNITE HERE is a union representing 300,000 hotel, food service, and gaming workers nationwide. Its door to door canvassing in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania has been credited with winning those states for Biden-Harris in 2020. 
Nevada is a critical battleground state again for the 2022 mid-terms. UNITE HERE has organized a weekend canvassing program in Reno to support Democratic candidates for Governor and Senator.

The union invites volunteers to arrive in Reno on Friday night, canvass Saturday and Sunday (end at 4 pm) and return Sunday evening. In addition, the union welcomes volunteers to canvass on weekdays Monday-Thursday (most weeks). The union requests those who can to pay for their hotel lodging. It is trying to raise funds for those who can’t. 
Weekend volunteers will receive training on Wednesday evenings via Zoom, and work both days under the supervision of experienced UNITE HERE canvassers. Weekday volunteers will receive training in-person on the first day of their first shift. Volunteers must also be fully vaccinated, boosted, and adhere to UNITE HERE COVID protocols.
Click the Sign Up button to register for the Reno weekend canvass and others, and for more background on our 2020 canvass and flipping Nevada.


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