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The War in Ukraine


In this 2015 lecture, John Mersheimer explains the NATO connection and predicts a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Here is a 10 min. video by Prof Laurie Johnson which discusses directly Mearsheimer's view that nationalism and national interest in International relations always wins out over discussions of the "Rights" of nations (e.g. Ukraine's "right" to determine its own foreign policy)  -- very good brief discussion of the underlying values.

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Here is a commentary that puts Mearsheimer's views into context:
Here is an OpEd from Thomas Friedman of the NY times, very much restating Mearsheimer's view:
Here is an article from Foreign Affairs, that assumes Putin's intentions are similar to Hitler's, and proposes a new "Lend-Lease" for the Ukraine.  The Foreign Policy establishment view:

Here is a longer article that discusses Zelensky's role in Ukrainian Politics, the oligarchs who supported him, and their stance toward Russia.  A useful reminder of the complexities of the political discourses within any country.

And for those who really like to read, here is a very long assessment from a leftist point of view of the history and interests at play in the Ukraine, and American foreign policy in general.

How Pentagon Contractors Are Cashing in on the Ukraine Crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought immense suffering to the people of that land, while sparking calls for increased military spending in both the United States and Europe. Though that war may prove to be a tragedy for the world, one group is already benefiting from it: U.S. arms contractors.


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