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Five years after it's written, my letter reappears.

The good news is that a letter I wrote five years ago is now showing up all over social media. The bad news is that it's as relevant today as it was when I wrote it.

Living on the coast of North Carolina in 2018, I was well aware of my minority status when it came to politics. Writing became a form of therapy for me. Knowing that so many of the retirees in my community voted for Trump, I penned this letter to express my frustration. Recently, I have been surprised to find out that the image above has reappeared on social media posts in the US and abroad, including one on Facebook by a former marine and actor/activist who appeared in the movie Platoon (on the far right in the image below), and a Danish assistant professor who reposted it on several European sites.

You can see from the blog site I maintained at the time that I was a serial self-medicator.

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